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Oklahoma State University

Exceptions & Appeals Process

Exception requests for Fall 2019 are now open and the deadline to submit is October 31, 2019.  If you have questions regarding Spring 2019 requests, contact

A process has been established for students who are unable to enroll in 15 hours each semester to apply for an exception to the block rate. Completion of an appeals form with documentation and submission to the appropriate office for review will be required of the student.  Additional information may be requested from the student as needed.

Some groups of students are automatically charged the per-credit-hour rate instead of the block rate. These students should NOT complete the appeals process:

  • Students enrolled in less than 12 hours
  • Graduate students
  • Professional students (e.g. vet med)
  • Students enrolled in the guaranteed/tuition lock program
  • Students enrolled in outreach exception courses, such as study abroad or travel, that are not charged regular tuition and University-wide fees
  • Students only taking OSU-Tulsa courses (does not include web-based courses)

In addition, students enrolled in 15 or more hours would not benefit from a block rate exception and should not complete the appeals process.

Studens enrolled in 12, 13, or 14 hours and are not able to take 15 hours a semester due to specific circumstances are eligible to file an exception. Examples of criteria eligible for an exception include:

  • Students with disabilities or health issues. 
  • Graduating seniors who need less than 15 hours in their last semester or less than 30 hours in their last fall and spring semester.
  • Students studying abroad or in a reciprocal exchange program.
  • Students completing an internship.
  • Students limited to fewer than 15 hours in a semester due to curricular structure of their degree program.
  • Students in official university sponsored activities to which he/she commits 25 or more hours per week for a substantial portion of the term.
  • Students who are under contractual agreements (academic and/or scholarship) with the university that limit enrollments to less than 15 credit hours.

Requests for an exception to the block rate must be submitted online.  It is important to select the most appropriate form and complete the entire request, along with any additional documentation required. Failure to do so will result in denial of the request. For full consideration, the deadlines for submitting completed forms and all related documentation are October 31st for the Fall Term and March 31st for the Spring Term (with some consideration for late short courses or other extenuating circumstances).

Requests will be submitted to the Block Rate Exception Committee and students will be notified via OSU email once the request has been reviewed. Until this process is completed the student is responsible for all tuition and fees on their Bursar account, including all service charges.  If the exception is approved, the tuition and fees will be adjusted and charged at a per credit hour rate.  Requests will not be retroactively granted for prior semesters.


If you have questions, please email or call 405-744-4244.